Madagascar: Antenaina and Brigitte, Children of Tsifota

Children of the Desert
S1:Ep627 mins1999

Unspoiled and undeveloped, Madagascar lies in the heart of the Indian Ocean – yet culturally it is neither African nor Asian. Its people came from India, Africa and Arabia, blending to create a unique ethnic mix. A thousand kilometers to the southwest of the capital Antananarivo lies the small coastal village of Tsifota – home of the Vézo.

Anténaina, 12 years old, and her sister Brigitte, 14, are both Vézo. The Vézo are not an ethnic group – they are named simply after the work they have chosen. The Vézo are nomadic fishermen, often leaving their village for several months at a time to follow the movements of the shoals of fish. Here it is nature's elements that dictate the daily routine. The Vézo’s way of life has been unchanged for centuries and they are happy to continue as they are, envying nothing that the modern world can offer.

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