Madeira & Java

Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep626 mins2012

The beautiful island of Madeira is located in the middle of the ocean, a few hundred miles from the African coast. It was discovered in the 15th century by Portuguese navigators and over the course of several years was transformed into an important supply center for overseas journeys. In Madeira, voyages of discovery replenished their supplies, including wine, for long journeys. This resulted in one of the most wonderful wines in the world, which is still grown and manufactured in a unique way. In addition to the traditional procedures of wine production, we will see the manufacture of the most expensive laces in the world or wicker workshops where in addition to wicker baskets, special sledges are manufactured on which local people drive from the hills down to the valley.

The densely populated island of Java is characterized by volcanoes, the threat of earthquakes and tsunamis, and a unique culture in which pagan cults, Buddhism, and Hinduism naturally merged with today's dominant Islam, which was brought to the area by Arab merchants in the Middle Ages. This is life in Java, the heart of Indonesia.

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