The Magical Mountain: The Way of the Kailash

201153 mins

In Tibet, many peaks are paved with legends and they fire the imagination of millions of people. But there is one – unique in the world – that is considered sacred by both Buddhists and Hindus: Mount Kailash. Each year, this massive rock attracts pilgrims in search of beauty and spirit. The mountain is surround by myths and, to this day, no one has ever dared climb its 6,700 meters.

It is said that one trip around the mountain, by completing full body prostrations along the ground, will wipe away all the sins of one's current life. Fascinated by this mythical mountain, two pilgrims from France, Florence and Simon, take us on their 900-kilometer journey as they make the pilgrimage of their lives. They are both driven by personal quests; for Simon, it is a last homage to a loved one, and for Florence, it is from a true desire for change. The Magical Mountain is a spiritual journey that connects with our soul and makes us experience the mystical and magical dimension of this sacred place.