The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep240 mins2007Guest: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck

The gurus will take you on an amazing journey through Malaysia. Now, it is celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence, and is a rich, incredible culture, full of beautiful people. We look at mouth watering food you can cook at home, spices that add real zing to more than food, and brilliant tropical gardens of unrivaled color.

The Ling Zang Fu Gong Si is a striking and memorable image for visitors, and cities like Kuala Lumpur with so much going on, where the hustle and bustle just makes you want to get out there and explore. The Gurus visit tropical plant collector’s Garden of Eden in Malacca, Mushlim Musa brought together an outstanding collection of ginger family plants. Finally, it is off to Panang, the modern spice capital of the world, and the Ferringhi Night Markets that stretch for 3 kilometers along the bustling tourist and restaurant coastline.

Featuring: Trevor Chocrane, Mellisa King, Neville Passmore, Nigel Ruck
Video Language: English