Managing the Responsible Supply Chain

Responsible Business
S1:Ep1324 mins2008Guest: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner

The risks of not managing social and ethical performance throughout the supply chain are high and increasingly evident, yet this can be extremely complex and challenging. In this episode we look at companies that are successfully applying ethical sourcing and certification systems and managing a global network of suppliers committed to high standards in social and environmental performance.

The Tarrazu region of Costa Rica is home to some of the world’s greatest coffees and the local farmers are finding new ways to optimize yields and incomes. Then, we meet with a company in India that ensures a sustainable supply chains for companies that outsource production. Finally, we investigate Fairtrade Labelling Organizations International. It is a worldwide network of Fair Trade organizations actively involved in supporting producers, like coffee or banana farmers.

Featuring: Anita Kapoor, Hayden Turner
Video Language: English