Mandalas and Ancient Mystery Religions

Gardiner’s World
S1:Ep347 mins2009Guest: June-Elleni Laine, Tony Butcher, Philip Gardiner

Philip Gardiner talks candidly with author June-Elleni Lane about the psychic world and improving one’s connection with the psychic. Next, they talk about mandalas and how they have great power. Mandalas can help create a psychic connection with the very Universe through art and intuition.

Tony Butcher, author of Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions, explains his contact with Hinduism and the unfolding tale of our ancient mystery religions. Through the eyes of our ancestors, Butcher explains how our modern fairy tales are really keys to unlocking the sacred past.

Featuring: June-Elleni Laine, Tony Butcher, Philip Gardiner
Video Language: English