A Mandrill Hits the Jackpot

Zoo Diaries
S5:Ep124 mins2002

Almost a year after being orphaned – then rescued - on the shores of Hudson’s Bay, it’s time to ship a pair of polar bear cubs off to their new home. But before they can board the truck to St. Felicien, Quebec, the bears will have to be coaxed into a pair of crates. For the staff in Toronto, there’s only one thing more difficult: saying “au revoir.”

For Jabba the mandrill and keeper Ali Vella, two months of training have come down to this: Will Jabba sit still and let the other mandrills eat? Or will instinct win out and result in his hoarding the food as usual?

Curly the yak is as rambunctious as any toddler. But if Karen and Dan are going to train him as an outreach animal, they’ll have to get him used to wearing a halter and toning down his behavior.

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