Mara – River of Strife

Gift of the Rains: Africa’s Great Rivers
S1:Ep526 mins2001

The seasons bring life to the valleys forged by the African rivers, but they also play a part in nature’s tragedies. For most of the year, the Mara River flows peacefully through the wide grass plains of Southern Kenya, but during the dry months it displays the ultimate life-and-death struggle: the crossing of hundreds and thousands of wildebeests.

The great herds migrate from the south to their winter grazing grounds on the western bank of the river. The zebras are the first to brave the crossing of the Mara, despite the danger from the crocodiles. After a meager diet of barbel, the crocodiles feast.

Then the huge wildebeest herds arrive at the Mara’s banks. Driven by instinct, they too forge the crocodile-infested river. After a grueling river crossing, the wildebeests finally reach their winter pastures. They remain here until the summer rains prompt them to return to the Serengeti, but this involves crossing the Mara once more.

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