Marguerite Derricks – LA Top Choreographer

Women on Top
S1:Ep1921 mins2007

As a top Hollywood choreographer, Marguerite Derricks has enhanced hundreds of films, television programs, commercials, music videos and stage productions her work. Garnering 3 Emmy Awards, her impressive resume includes films such as Striptease, Charlie's Angels, Austin Powers and Little Miss Sunshine, along with a TV roster that lists That 70s Show and Will and Grace. Marguerite has received accolades for her choreography on The Gap's “Khaki's A Go Go,” her most famous commercial venture.

Her dance career started early as her innate passion for dance landed her in ballet school at the age of four. At age 16 she received dance scholarships to study with the New York City Ballet and the National Ballet of Canada. Her dream of a life in dance ended abruptly at 22, suddenly burdened with single motherhood. With choreographer Debbie Allen as her mentor, she transitioned from dance into choreography and made the move from New York to LA to further her career.

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