Maureen Kelly – Cosmetic Designer

Women on Top
S1:Ep621 mins2006

Maureen was born a make-up maven. At six, she mixed her own blush with a shaving cream base. But by college, to please her parents, Maureen pursued an unglamorous academic career although she wanted to start a make-up company. With her husband as her biggest supporter, Maureen maxed out her credit cards, created smash products and broke into the tough cosmetics world. Everything came crashing down in Maureen’s world when her husband died in the 9/11 attacks.

Maureen’s world stopped as she could barely get out of bed, let alone run a company. Despite the heartache, she was determined to honor the commitment she and her husband had made. So, Maureen rebuilt her life and her company. Today, Tarte is booming. In this episode we find out how Maureen Kelly did it all!

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