Mayurasana: Peacock Pose

S1:Ep3VinyasaIntermediate-2,322 mins

In this segment of Foundation to Flotation with Andrea Marcum, it is important that you be warmed up -- the intention is that you have entered this after segments 1 & 2, you can’t safely jump in at this point cold, so please don’t. We begin to spread our peacock feathers and lift our hearts towards soaring skyward. That said, how often have you actually seen a peacock fly? National Geographic calls peacocks “one of the most ostentatiously adorned creatures on Earth” so clearly leaving the ground isn’t all that if you’re a peacock -- nor is it for those of us attempting peacock pose. Andrea uses what we’ve learned in modules 1 & 2 and find the last few puzzle pieces here that just might get both our legs up to the sky. And if they don’t, no worries -- rest assured that there were plenty of other things, like mosquitos, flying around Andrea while filming this at Wanderlust in Aspen -- so suffice to say we’ve got the actual flight covered…

Contraindications: shoulder, wrist or lower back injuries

Instructor/Host: Andrea Marcum
Video Language: English