Maze of Life (Dr. Barry Bittman & Dr. Anthony DeFail)

Book Tours with Corinne Edwards
S1:Ep9224 mins1999Guest: Barry Bittman M.D., Anthony DeFail M.P.H.

Dr. Barry Bittman, neurologist, and Anthony DeFail, hospital administrator, co-creators of Mind Body Wellness Center and authors of Maze of Life have pin-pointed 7 questions to help you deal with healthful change in your life. There are few masters who have a lot of answers for us, but there are a lot of questions to address ourselves.

If you look at life as an opportunity and recognize where you resist when change occurs, you'll notice it seems so much more comfortable to look at that clear path of change from where you're already settled. But the real opportunity occurs when need arises and the maze appears. Maze of Life assists you in taking an active role in your own life.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Barry Bittman M.D., Anthony DeFail M.P.H.
Video Language: English