Mazungu: Canoeing the Congo

201147 mins

At 2,922 miles long, the Congo River is Africa’s second longest, and with a flow rate second only to the Amazon. It flows through savannah, swamp and dense tropical rainforest before finally draining into the Atlantic Ocean. Due to generations of political instability, corruption and civil war, not to mention crocodiles, hippos, cannibals and huge white-water, the area has been given a wide berth by all but the most adventurous.

Mazungu follows Phil Harwood, solo canoeist and ex-Royal Marine, as he complete a hair-raising descent of the mighty Congo River in Central Africa, from source to sea. He sets out to learn as much as possible about the river people and their lives while trying to avoid the many dangers presented by nature and man.

This fascinating program features incredible footage of previously unseen nature and a succession of unique adventures as Phil takes a five-month trip down river in his trusty canoe.