Mediterranean Garden, Growing Orchids and Espalier Apples

Guerilla Gardener in the USA with Grahame Beakhust
S1:Ep1125 mins1995Guest: Topher Delaney, George Marcopulos, John Hooper

In Palo Alto, Grahame visits garden designer Topher Delaney's unusual Mediterranean backyard garden. For another Topher Delaney garden, see Drought Tolerance.

At The Conservatory in Golden Gate Park, Grahame talks with director George Marcopulos about their endangered orchid collection. George explains the origin and growing preferences of these high-altitude flowers.

In Healdsburg, John Hooper of Sonoma Antique Apple Nursery shows Grahame espalier apple trees.

Instructor/Host: Grahame Beakhust
Featuring: Topher Delaney, George Marcopulos, John Hooper
Video Language: English