The Meerkats Get Comfy

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep324 mins2002

A six-year-old snow leopard has arrived from the Calgary Zoo to be bred to the male snow leopard at the zoo. Before she can be introduced to the male, she has to be checked medically by the veterinary staff. The first step is darting her, a task made difficult because of her nervousness. Graham finally decides to use a dart gun and shoot her from over 100 feet away. That done, the vets check her out and put her in her pen to recover before she will be introduced to the male snow leopard.

Now that the rainforest is complete, it is time to introduce all of the animals to their new homes. Our first story is about the crocodiles who have to be nudged into their spacious exhibit.

The meerkats are among the most popular and cutest animals in the zoo. They too have a new and larger exhibit in the rainforest. And unlike the other animals, their natural curiosity allows them to run right in and check out every nook and cranny of their new home. Both the keepers and the meerkats seem very happy with their new home.

Video Language: English