Meet the New Moose

Zoo Diaries
S5:Ep324 mins2002

At the St. Felicien Zoo, many of the animals roam freely. But to identify them from afar, each has to be marked by shaving a portion of their coat. And it’s not as if the zoo’s newest moose will sit in a barber’s chair! To mark him, they’ll have to get him to stand still in a chute, avoiding both his freshly-grown antlers and his anxious mother.

In the wild, baboons forage for food, and there’s usually enough for everyone. At the Toronto Zoo, keepers such as Margaret have to hide their food in structures like the “termite mound,” and hope that the dominant ape Bwana Joe gets tired of looking and leaves some for the rest.

Tasmanian devils aren’t exactly known for their cooperation. Julie is out to teach Kylan how to keep her nose on a target stick. It’s a behavior that will make it easier to examine her now that she is getting older. Improvements are difficult to detect.

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