Memory Systems & Techniques – Part 1

MindBody TuneUp: A Complete Memory Course with Jan Dacri
S1:Ep156 mins2010

Jan Dacri, M.A., a master of memory and a teacher of techniques, begins with a magazine memory demonstration, illustrating how to recall names, facts, numbers, jokes, lists, stories or whatever you wish to remember. The, she teaches a technique that will "train your brain to retain"; here she shows how "Linking Thoughts," also known as "Object-to-Object Association," works as an exercise to strengthen your memory, improve your power of attention, enhance your ability to visualize and your capacity to recall.

Next, she shows you how to learn how to use and apply the "Linking Thought Technique" for remembering any and all types of abstract words and/or recalling academic facts and information. Later, Jan shows how "Self-Talk" can positively influence your memory. And finally, for overcoming absentmindedness, Jan shares a few invaluable techniques to insure that you'll remember whatever you really need to know.

Instructor/Host: Jan Dacri
Video Language: English