Mexico: Angelica, Child of the Chihuahua Plateau

Children of the Desert
S1:Ep726 mins2000

The high plateau, covered by conifer pines, dominates Mexico’s largest state – Chihuahua. Here, 2,000 kilometers from Mexico City, live some 50 thousand Tarahumaras, an Amerindian people still strongly bound to their ancestral traditions. For them, it is the essentials of life that count, and their lifestyle was formed in accordance with the demands of the environment.

Angelica, 14 years old, lives the in the village of Ojachichi and is a child of the Tarahumara. Twenty-four families live in her village. The Tarahumaras have very particular sets of principles and values, which form the basis of private and community life. They share what they have, they are convivial, and they dance all the time.

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