Mittens Meets the Monkeys

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep524 mins2002

Mittens the Spider Monkey has been at the health center for just over a year. He has a slight brain injury that has caused him to shake. It is much better now and the zoo vets have decided to try to put him back with the family that rejected him when he was injured. Today is the first step, catching him and carrying him to a holding area beside the spider monkey exhibit. Here he will become accustomed to the other spider monkeys and they will become accustomed to him.

Dyann is a young veterinary technician who has been given the responsibility of hand raising a rejected baby fruit bat from Africa named Stevie. In this episode Dyann feeds and exercises the bat, who is too young to fly.

Emma is a tree kangaroo from Borneo who has two problems: she may be pregnant and she is losing weight. Today Maria, the keeper, is getting Emma some treat fruits and vegetables to try to perk up Emma’s appetite. At the same time she will do a pouch check to see if Emma has given birth to a little baby “joey.”

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