Unusual Cultures
S1:Ep426 mins2012

South Moravia is located in the southeastern part of the Czech Republic and is named after the Morava River, which runs through the area. It is a region where living traditions give local people a stamp of authenticity that is truly unique in Europe.

Slovácko, also known as Moravian Slovakia, is an area in South Moravia, a fertile region of the Czech Republic, where wine and folklore fare extremely well. Traditional folklore can be seen in the splendid, brightly colored folk costumes, original national music called cimbálovka (cymbalon music), and ancient customs still preserved today, such as the Kings' Journey, traditional grass mowing, the manufacture of traditional decorations, wine production, and the distillation of a traditional drink called “slivovitz.”

In addition to Moravian Slovaks, we will meet the Haná people, inhabitants of the “terrific” plane called Haná, as well as Haná Slovaks

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