A Most Dangerous Rescue

Shamwari: A Wild Life with Lyndal Davies
S1:Ep626 mins2008

We’re on our way to the world’s most dangerous rescue. An adult leopard has been caught in a trap on a nearby farm. If the leopard breaks out of the trap when the team is trying to dart it then chances are it will lunge forward and attack.

It’s playtime at the Animal Hospital when Themba gets a new toy – a giant exercise ball to kick around and sit on. The work experience student almost ends up squashed by nearly a ton of antelope. Luckily she is pulled out of harm’s way in the nick of time. A large bull elephant causes havoc in one of the worker’s homes and has to be forced out with vehicles.

We witness the world’s toughest jaws in action when a hyena almost locks its mouth around our assistant vets arm. And the game-capture team brings in a herd of zebra – just one kick from these animals can kill instantly.

Instructor/Host: Lyndal Davies
Video Language: English