Mummies on Ice

S1:Ep249 mins2003

Every so often, the world’s coldest places are the setting for a remarkable discovery: an ice mummy. Where these bodies have been buried in frozen ground, ice or snow, we are treated to the extraordinary preservative effects of freezing: hair, eyelashes, fingernails all so well preserved they look as though they could have died yesterday.

Ice mummies have been found across the globe, some accidentally preserved, others deliberately mummified as a mark of respect, others victims of religious ritual. Mummies on Ice explores these strange phenomena, uncovering the stories behind the bodies and looks into the scientific discoveries that these frozen cadavers can provide us.

A baby – like a china doll – his short life captured for all eternity; a tribal chief frozen in the wastelands of Siberia; Otzi the iceman – a 5,000-year-old murder victim; human sacrifices offered to the Inca gods. Each mummy can reach us across the centuries and teach us about the past.

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