Music, Ice Skating, Schizophrenia

Body & Soul
S1:Ep925 mins2004Guest: Kerrie-Anne Baker

Eating flowers is catching on in restaurants – they’re low calorie and may have some surprising health benefits. Holistic healers have always acknowledged the healing powers of music, art, and all that jazz. Bee venom has long been used to treat ailments, including arthritis. Researchers look for clues into the causes and treatments of schizophrenia. To help combat stress on the job, police in India take up yoga. A soft drink made from Yerba Mate leaves offers healthy possibilities. An exciting new brain scanner may be the key to help victims of stroke and head injuries. Electrical currents help paraplegics move. Students use a computer game to simulate driving drunk. A structural engineer applies his craft to understanding the workings of the cardiovascular system. Retirees in Russia skate away their aches and pains.

Featuring: Kerrie-Anne Baker
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