The Mysteries of Noah and the Flood

Mysteries: Cracking the Mysteries of Time
S1:Ep150 mins2002Guest: Fred Applegate

The story of the flood is perhaps one of the most powerful in the Old Testament. Was there really a flood in the ancient world, as accounted by different cultures? And can science find evidence of it? Solving the mystery is important to many people as they feel it will prove the biblical texts to be true.

The investigation begins with the Ararat anomaly, a series of photographs from the 1940’s suggesting a ship like shape is on the top of Mt. Ararat. But why is the information still classified by the CIA. We also take a look at ancient Cuneiform inscriptions of a tale exactly like Noah’s flood, but taking place 100’s if not 1,000’s of years earlier. Finally, physical evidence is amassed that indicates there may have been a flood in the Black Sea Region long ago. Could the tales of this flood have been spread to Mesopotamia and eventually to the bible?

Featuring: Fred Applegate
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