The Mystic Heart (Wayne Teasdale)

Book Tours with Corinne Edwards
S1:Ep6224 mins1999Guest: Brother Wayne Teasdale

A close personal friend of the Dalai Lama, Catholic monk Brother Wayne Teasdale, author of The Mystic Heart, blends East and West to create a universal approach to the Heart of Hearts. Brother Wayne realizes that we are all mystics. A mystic is someone who has a direct experience of reality, whether you call it God, Great Spirit, or Infinite Realization.

Mysticism is accessed at a transcendental level of awareness together with a strong moral capacity for actualization. Two centers for mystical study in England have found that 70% of people have had a mystical experience at least once in their life. Moving beyond the world's sectarian religious identities into an emergent world mysticism and spirituality is precisely what direct experiences like these, like yours, help to create.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Brother Wayne Teasdale
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