Mzungu: White Wanderer

20101 hr, 22 mins

Mzungu follows the journey of four average American college kids who set out for Africa with no real idea of what they might find, but with dreams of saving the world. The need they find seems overwhelming – poverty, tribal conflicts, genocide, and the immense devastation of HIV/AIDS. They discover an intense sense of commitment among themselves to take action and contribute what they can.

It's a story of personal sacrifice, adventure, and ultimately the power of love and community. Join the great joys and perils of Africa through the eyes of the four young, naive and unassuming American kids on their crusade for purpose. The power of this film lies in the questions it forces us to ask ourselves. How do we love people we’ve never met? In the end, you, too, may believe the world can be a better place, and that it is up to us to change it.