Yogic Paths
S1:Ep831 minsMay 2017

Nada Yoga has been called the Yoga of Sound and the Yoga of Listening. In this episode of Yogic Paths, we will take a deeper look at the ancient practice of transcendental meditation, a way to listen to the subtle essence of sound in order to lead you away from illusion and into harmony with your consciousness.

The root word “nad” means “to flow” or “sound”. Practicing Nada Yoga means to look into the universe, understanding that everything is energy, energy is vibration, and all vibrations are sound. Through sound, you can achieve a totally balanced union with the absolute. The primary sound of the universe is “Om”, which is believed to be the original and transcendent sound from which everything else originates. Om is vibrating everywhere, from our bodies and minds to the universe and every atom within it.

The practice of Nada Yoga has been used since ancient times to calm and transform inner consciousness and to heal body, mind, and spirit. Through music, mantra, and pranayama, students of Nada Yoga learn to listen, drawing themselves into a deep level of consciousness. In this state, it is believed that anything is possible.

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