S1:Ep325 mins2001Guest: Dean McCoubrey

In this episode we explore the Namib, one of the world’s few remaining great wilderness areas. This vast, mysterious area in southwestern Africa has a timeless quality that gives life a new perspective. We start our journey in the coastal town of Swakopmund, then head out to the east desert where the great dunes give way to the gravel plains.

As the sun rises, so too do the extreme temperatures, so be sure to stop and take in the many unusual locations of the many eateries and cool off. Namibia is a sacred place of vast open skies and parched ground boldly contrasted with rushing desert waters. Travelling across the vast expanse of the Namib is an enriching experience, but it is also physically tiring. Be ready to rejuvenate the body in any of the holistic shops or health spas.

Featuring: Dean McCoubrey
Video Language: English