Namibia: Maverimana, Child of the Red Earth

Children of the Desert
S1:Ep427 mins1999

Maverimana Bingue is 11 years old, and she is a Himba. She is living in one place at the moment, but eventually her family will move on. That's because there's not enough food for their herd around their village. There's not enough rain. Her village is 35 kilometers away.

Rainfall is rare in Kaokoland. In this north-western province of Namibia the barrenness is broken by occasional patches of greenery which burst into life after sparse showers only to be burnt crisp again by the returning drought. This is home to the Himba, nomadic herdsmen descended from the Herero whose language they have inherited. Raising cattle is their livelihood, the search for those green patches of vegetation, their lifelong activity.

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