Natural Treasures of the Sea

The Ocean Mosaic
S1:Ep152 mins1999Guest: John Stoneman

Among the many natural treasures of the sea, several examples stand out as unique. Underwater cinematographer John Stoneman studies these wonders in succession: the Galapagos Islands, teeming with an aquatic life that thrives beneath the waves; Baffin Island, where the sculpted crystal ceiling of ice glows from the Arctic sun as the seals beneath it whirl and dive like graceful ballerinas as a ghostly white bear lurks overhead; Monterey Bay, with its immense underwater kelp forests, gently swaying and drifting with the tides, home to hundreds of species, and Micronesia’s coral reefs, a revelry of underwater color and motion. Stoneman reveals why these four majestic locations should serve as compelling reminders of the wonderful beauty, and value, of the sea.

Featuring: John Stoneman
Video Language: English