The New Intimacy: Young Parenting (Dr. Judith Sherven & Dr. James Sniechowski)

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S1:Ep1723 mins1998Guest: Dr. Judith Sherven, Dr. James Sniechowski

We can all see love in our relationships, but what exactly defines the uniqueness of our intimacy? Dr. Judith Sherven and Dr. James Sniechowski, international lecturers and co-authors of The New Intimacy: Discovering the Magic at the Heart of Your Differences, reveal keys to successful intimacy in young relationships.

The stress on the relationship that a couple with a young child may feel is tremendous – from one partner needing more help from the other, to feelings of resentment at the lack of private togetherness time or individual attention, even valid frustration at how much has changed now that the child is getting all the effort and attention in the relationship.

True intimacy here, points out Dr. Sniechowski, is in the compassion partners bring from understanding the reality of what it means for the relationship and how it may affect both of you going into it.

Instructor/Host: Corinne Edwards
Featuring: Dr. Judith Sherven, Dr. James Sniechowski
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