Nick Pope: The Man Who Left the MOD

Reality TV: UFOs
S1:Ep51 hr, 5 mins2007Guest: Nick Pope, Michael Bourne

Nick Pope worked for the British Ministry of Defense for twenty one years. He became known as the Fox Mulder of Great Britain due to his special position as the chief UFO investigator. In this documentary he speaks out for the first time since leaving the MOD and goes on the record to spell out his beliefs, opinions and reveals the scope of his incredible insider knowledge.

In this rational and plain spoken interview, he explains the accounts of different sightings and debunks some of the official reports. It is important to understand mindset of the MOD and all military organizations when it comes to UFO investigations. He explains that accounts of UFO activity should not be dismissed without scientific scrutiny.

Featuring: Nick Pope, Michael Bourne
Video Language: English