Northern Ireland Part 1

The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep1221 mins2008Guest: Trevor Cochrane, Neville Passmore

The first of two parts exploring Northern Ireland begins with a tour of Belfast Castle, overlooking the Loch. Next, the Gurus are off on a tour of Belfast in a cab. They view the Harland and Wolff shipyards where the titanic was completed. Along the way they learn some of the history of Belfast before finally stopping at Belfast Botanical Garden to view some of its exotic treasures.

One of Northern Ireland's most loved garden gurus is John Cushnie who gives a personally guided through one his favorite places, Rowallane Gardens. Just when they get hungry, they meet up with Nora Brown in the little town of Dungannon, in Tyrone County, who prepares Oyster Lamb Stew. Finally, they explore the Stewart family’s Italian-style garden, which covers over a 1,000 Acres, with 90 Acres devoted to plants from all over the world.

Featuring: Trevor Cochrane, Neville Passmore
Video Language: English