Northern Ireland Part 2

The Gurus Explore
S1:Ep1321 mins2008Guest: Trevor Cochrane, Neville Passmore

Continuing their Northern Ireland adventures, the Gurus take a drive up the Antrim coast for a view of the spectacular scenery. The first stop on our journey up the coast is Caret Fergus castle a Norman fort dating back to the 12th century, sitting at the mouth of Loch of Belfast. They take a tour of its walled gardens, much of which was built 300 years ago. Today, the road along the Antrim coast is one of the longest coast roads in Europe and makes a splendid drive. The last stop on the drive is the Giant’s Causeway which formed over 65 million years ago and has been the basis for great legends.

If you’re really interested in the religious history of Northern Ireland, then you shouldn’t pass up a chance to spend a day in County Amah. This has been the spiritual capital of Ireland for the past 1,500 years. Saint Patrick arrived in Amah in 432 AD and it’s here that you’ll see Saint Patrick’s cathedral. To round out the day, they stop at Belle Isle school of Cooking where Liz Moore prepares a salmon dish.

Featuring: Trevor Cochrane, Neville Passmore
Video Language: English