Northwest Angle with Tim Shouten

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep824 mins2005

We join Tim Shouten, a painter from Winnipeg at the Northwest Angle at the Lake of the Woods to do some painting. He tells us about his history, how he came into painting as well as his early influences. As he is explaining, we view examples of his evolution from abstract pieces, to computers, and finally to landscapes.

His current project is called the Treaty Suites where he paints the landscape of different treaty territories. We watch as he surveys the land and makes a sketch, trying to convey the story present in the landscape. Painting outside of the studio he tries to imagine what happened, long ago, at the location. In his own way, he relives that moment, trying to capture the essence of the history to guide his work. Finally, we join him in his studio and watch as his sketches come to life.

Video Language: English