A Not-So-Tranquil Rhino

Shamwari: A Wild Life with Lyndal Davies
S1:Ep126 mins2008

A rhino ear notching goes terribly wrong when a large bull starts attacking the drugged female. Things get really dangerous when the team is forced to use their vehicle as a barrier between the two animals.

Up at the Animal Hospital, the world’s tallest patient checks in and the struggle begins to get the baby giraffe to drink. It’s just four hours old and hasn’t even stood up yet.

It’s turning into a busy week for our vet Johan; he has to make an emergency dash help a young elephant that has become tangled in wire and can’t keep up with the herd. It’s only a matter of time before it’s attacked by predators.

During this episode we also manage to capture some incredible footage – a cheetah killing an antelope – and a stand-off at the watering hole between a pride of lion and black rhino!

Instructor/Host: Lyndal Davies
Video Language: English