Nursing a Gorilla

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep1324 mins2002

Josephine’s baby is not looking so good. Zoo vet Graham Crawshaw has to decide whether to take the baby away from Josephine. It’s a tough call because they aren’t certain. Finally they knock Josephine out and take her baby back to the health centre to feed it. It’s bad news for Josephine, but they save the baby’s life.

Dyann has hand-raised Stevie the fruit bat since he was rejected by his mother at birth. Today’s a big day for Stevie... and Dyann. Stevie is moving in to the African pavilion to live on his own without his surrogate mom Dyann. The weaning won’t be easy for either of them.

It’s always great when baby animals are born at the zoo. But today the Canadian Domain keepers are celebrating something special. Willow, the female moose, has given birth to twins. This is a rare event. Today the keepers, Ken and Tony, arrive for their first look at the bouncing babies.

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