Ocean Crystals: Eco-City

Ocean Crystals
S1:Ep125 mins2003

From the Arctic to the coral reefs to the mangrove swamps the realms of the world’s oceans are like jewels glittering in the water. These crystals are revealed in five fascinating stories with beautiful sequences and outstanding film footage that captivates all audiences.

Nomad King: Tells the story of how the polar bear not only survives, but prevails as the master of the Arctic.

Eco-City: A great underwater metropolis underwater is the coral reef. Life on the reef is dependent upon the intimate relationships among vast diversity of life.

Where Worlds Collide: Life is a constant struggle of adaptation where fresh and salt water meet in the Mangrove swamps. From crocodiles to sharks, the intertidal zone is a place of extremes.

Signals Beneath the Waves: Sound plays and absolutely vital role in the lives of the creatures of the sea. What seems to be a silent world, is actually a place bursting with a diverse range of sounds.

A Truce Forged in Time: The coral reef may seem like a paradise, but it is an unforgiving world of competition. It is, strangely, a place where the creatures help each other to survive.

Video Language: English