Ocean Crystals: Haunted Dangers

Ocean Crystals
S1:Ep325 mins2003

From shipwrecks to sharks and the coral reefs the realms of the world’s oceans are like jewels glittering in the water. These crystals are revealed in five fascinating stories with beautiful sequences and outstanding film footage that captivates all audiences.

Harp Seal: From birth on the ice, to the cold below a young harp seal has a harrowing life. Watch as we follow along from the birth of a seal to the time it gains its second fur and takes its place among the other grown seals.

Venomous Daggers: Coral reef may seem like a place born of dreams and among the great diversity of life are poisoned perils that can cause agony and death.

Balance of Power: Its competition for life between to perfectly evolved species. The great white shark may be an apex predator, but it prey have adapted many defenses to even the playing field.

Haunted Dangers: Old shipwrecks offer allure and mystery to divers. Hiding within the maze like interiors of these rusted hulks lie many unknown dangers.

Night shift: Daytime creatures are looking for one last meal, and creatures of the night are just emerging to forage in the coming darkness.

Video Language: English