Ocean Crystals: White Terror

Ocean Crystals
S1:Ep225 mins2003

From the adorable harp seal to the fearsome great white shark the realms of the world’s oceans are like jewels glittering in the water. These crystals are revealed in five fascinating stories with beautiful sequences and outstanding film footage that captivates all audiences.

White Terror: Great white sharks are an apex predator, a creature to understand and respect. Explore the truth about this amazing and powerful creature.

Born of Destruction: A shipwreck may seem to be a symbol of failure and tragedy but from this destruction a new world is born full of a vast diversity of life in artificial reefs.

A Living Shelter: The coral reef is a place of incredible beauty and wonder and for the creatures that live there is a place of immense danger. Explore where there reef becomes shelter for predator and prey.

In Odd Company: Some creatures, of the reef have developed ways of to benefit from other creatures. Here, we see some of these odd pairings that ensure mutual survival.

Charmed Survivor: Stalked by the most fearsome predators of land and sea, the harp seal is found in all of the oceans of the world. Marvel at the incredible story of this playful and adorable creature.

Video Language: English