Orphans of Tibet

201044 mins

Like thousands of Tibetan children, Dholma and Sonam are refugees. Their parents have taken the drastic decision to secretly send them away to India where they will be able to grow up as true Tibetans. They first risk their lives by illegally crossing the Himalayas, a towering rampart between China and India, having to face fatigue, cold, the fear of being arrested and the pain of leaving their parents, whom they might never see again. The Mussorie school of northern India has been founded by the Tibetan government in exile and is a refuge for about two thousand orphans. Here, Dholma and Sonam have found a new family with a new mother, new brothers and sisters. The integration is difficult for the little newcomers, and their teachers try to heal the trauma of exile and the shock of separation. Yet only in India are they free to be taught about their origins, their culture and to learn to speak Tibetan.