Clarke devotes this episode to a story old as man: something falling to Earth from the sky. The cases vary and so do the possible solutions as to how and why strange or unlikely objects fall out of it. Some answers seem fairly simple while others defy easy analysis.

Nevertheless the famed author displays a variety of cases and offers possible scenarios to explain the phenomena. The bizarre occurrences include incidents of fish, frogs, massive blocks of ice and hazelnuts falling from out of the clear blue sky. Clarke investigates an incident of fish raining down in his own back yard in Sri Lanka.

Originally broadcast in September 1980, Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World brought an innovative approach to exploring natural and supernatural phenomenon. After 13 episodes, the series sadly came to a close. Our team at Gaia diligently pursued the acquisition of Mysterious World in order to save it from obscurity. Gaia is proud to re-present this groundbreaking series and restore the sense of wonder and intrigue that it once brought to our mysterious world.

Instructor/Host: Arthur C. Clarke
Video Language: English