Paradise in Peril

One with Nature
S1:Ep822 mins2011Guest: Genevieve Pelletier

In British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest, life has evolved over millions of years to produce an abundant and diverse garden of resources, relied on by many First Nations, including the Gitga’at people of Hartley Bay. Now, an age-old way of life on an island paradise is threatened. The Gitga’at have very little faith in a government that’s broken its promise to clean up the ongoing environmental hazards. In addition, they face the disastrous environmental impact as oil tankers pass by every day.

The sacred spirit of a rarely seen, genetically unique animal may hold the key to their survival. Trying to prevent their island paradise from certain destruction, the Gitga’at of Hartley Bay are reigniting the ancient spirit of a bear. The spirit bear is a genetically unique animal that lives in a tiny corner of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Featuring: Genevieve Pelletier
Video Language: English