Parkwood Hospital Therapeutic Rail Garden

Spiritual Gardens
S1:Ep423 mins2006Guest: Grahame Beakhust

Pavement and concrete make up the landscape for much of our daily world but behind the walls of Parkwood Hospital in London is a unique garden; a miniature landscape of a “time that once was” grows and thrives. As a model train chugs its way around the track surrounding the garden, patients and residents at Parkwood Hospital begin a unique process of healing. The garden has many therapeutic values from hands on therapy, to scenes of daily life and the imagery of trains triggering memories and sparking conversations. Many patients find the garden helpful by helping them to build confidence during rehabilitation or to help with focus and recollection. Sit with patients and therapists to learn how the Railway Garden serves as a powerful therapeutic tool helping patients, recover and cope, with a sense of joy and renewed wonder.

Featuring: Grahame Beakhust
Video Language: English