A mysterious stranger brings J.J. the century old journal of Doctor Jeremiah Baker, J.J.’s great grandfather. As the stranger reads it, we see Baker’s story unfold in England of 1888: Mr. Winter has brought his young, gravely ill wife Mrs. Winter (played by Celia) to Dr. Baker (played by J.J.) for help. A West Indian woman, Ariel (played by Laura), tries to warn Baker that Mrs. Winter’s “sickness” is the result of a vampire’s bite, but Baker refuses to believe it – until Mrs. Winter succumbs to her illness, dies, and later returns to Baker as a vampire. Mrs. Winter is about to bite Baker when Ariel drives a stake through Mrs. Winter’s heart. Baker and Ariel join forces: Baker wants to find a cure for vampirism, but Ariel wants only revenge against the monster who, years ago, killed her daughter.

Featuring: Shari Belafonte, Carl Marotte
Video Language: English