The Pearl Beyond Price (A. H. Almaas)

Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove
S1:Ep9124 mins2001Guest: A. H. Almaas

Explore an enlightening conversation between psychology and spirituality in human development with Hamid Ali, or A.H. Almaas, director for the Diamond Approach training center, and author of The Pearl Beyond Price. Modern psychological theories such as object-relations and ego-psychology distinguish how our sense of individuality develops from childhood.

One of the main insights is that our sense of separate self does not exist at the beginning, and our process of differentiation thus unfolds. Spiritual teachers point to the importance of no-self as well. Discover a key integration which is the priceless pearl, the true fulfillment of being human.

Instructor/Host: Jeffrey Mishlove
Featuring: A. H. Almaas
Video Language: English