Perfect Zero

Geldof in Africa
S1:Ep529 mins2005Guest: Bob Geldof

In Mali nothing ever seems to grow, no water and no life. There is nothing but sand, sun and sky. In this perfect zero, people may find a spiritual blank sacred space in their minds. Like the desert, many people find eternity. In this extreme landscape Bob Geldof finds the Tuareg, a fiercely proud people, known as the lords of the deserts. They eke out a thriving existence in a land that outsiders see as a barren wasteland. Geldof explores the legendary city of Timbuktu, a place so far away it that it once represented the end of the world. Once rich in salt trade and education it is now is crumbling and fading into the desert. The desert continues to provide a world of wonders as he discovers the extremes of the vibrant salt industry of Mopti to the Bela, a people that have a long tradition of being slaves to the Tuareg.

Featuring: Bob Geldof
Video Language: English