Guides and Gurus
S1:Ep1222 mins2007Guest: Julia Varrana, Ruben Neira

Deep in the Andes once thrived the powerful empire of the Incas; well versed in the ways of traditional healings. These practices still survive today with Julia Varrana. She was born into a family of healers and felt the calling to become a healer, too, when her son took ill with liver cancer. She reconnected with the medicines of the earth and successfully cured him of his illness. Now she cares for the many people that have no access to modern medicine. Also, caring for his people is shaman Ruben Neira who explains that in his community there are few diseases because most of the time they are present connecting with mother earth. Join us as Ruben guides us through captivating traditional offering and healing ceremonies.

Featuring: Julia Varrana, Ruben Neira
Video Language: English