The Pines with Robert Wiens

Landscape as Muse
S1:Ep2924 mins2008

We find visual artist Robert Wiens in the ancient pine forests of Temagami. There is an old growth pine forest, at the northern edge, unlike any other place on earth. Viewing his early works, he explains that he started as a sculptor and then moved to wood and drawings. All of his work is characterized by accumulation. Small gestures build up to something much larger. He explains what it is he is looking for as he treks deeper into the forest to seek tress that have been uncut and unmolested.

As he photographs the trees, he shares some of his techniques. Then in the studio, he projects the photograph on to paper and begins his drawing. While he works, he shares his views on what he is trying to describe. As we see his dramatic work come to life, he ponders what we really strive for and care about.

Video Language: English