Playing Chicken with a Falcon

Zoo Diaries
S2:Ep624 mins2002

The black footed ferrets are highly endangered and are bred at the zoo for release into the wild. This is the beginning of a birthing cycle for all of the zoo’s female ferrets. Andrea the keeper enters the quarantine area with a hand held camera to see if any new babies were born and to feed the adults.

Today Luisa is back to train Chao Nao, the red panda, but this time she brings Dr. Doug Whiteside. She hopes to coax Chao into position so that Doug can touch her as a preliminary to finally hand-examining her without having to knock Chao out.

Merlin, a two year old falcon, is an old this case Tahra, the keeper, is the rookie. Today Tahra is being trained to fly Merlin in the zoo’s bird show. Merlin does his thing, but it might take Tahra a few tries to get it right.

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